01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

Free Online Anxiety and Depression Tests

The following free on-line psychological assessments are primarily intended for use under the supervision of a qualified psychological health professional. The assessments may also be used on a self-report basis for interest and educational purposes. The results from these tests cannot be used to provide a definitive psychological diagnosis. Only a qualified health professional can accurately assess psychological data and make a clinical judgement.

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Important Information About How to Take These Assessments

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We have made the following assessments freely available for use by clinicians and members of the public. The assessments can be completed in two ways:

  1. Completing the assessments anonymously - You can complete any of the following assessments anonymously and your results will be displayed on screen at the end of the test. Choosing to complete the test anonymously will not require any personal information.
  2. Receiving an automatically generated email report - You may alternatively choose to receive an automatically generated email report of your results from the test. Where you select this option, you will need to provide an ID and an email address. Please ensure that the email address is accurately entered to ensure that your results are not received by another person in error. This option can be helpful if you want to share your results with your therapist or another health care professional.


Recommended Tests for Anxiety and Depression

The following psychological tests provide a good starting point for problems with common psychological problems. You can show the results from these assessments to your GP or another psychological health professional:

Please note: Data generated from these tests is not stored or shared with any other party. We will never use personal data for research or marketing purposes and our data control processes comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our system is securely encrypted, email is not a secure means of communication. Think CBT will therefore not accept liability for loss or theft of personal data where any individual chooses to transmit or receive information via email.

Always consult a qualified health professional such as your GP or local emergency services if you feel at risk or if you are concerned for your safety.


ACT Exercises

Based on material by Dr Russ Harris -The ACT Companion (2015)