01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

Counselling in London, UK-wide and Online via video-link

We provide fast and effective Counselling from our clinics in London. You can also organise Counselling with one of our therapists operating across the UK or online via video-link. To talk to a Counsellor about treatment for depression or an anxiety condition call 01732 808626 or email info@thinkcbt.com.


What is Cognitive Behavioural Counselling?

Cognitive Behavioural Counselling is a safe, non-judgemental and confidential process for exploring a range of personal and interpersonal issues. Counselling is generally suited to individuals who want to explore their thoughts, feelings, motivations and expectations. It provides a non-directive process for making sense of early experiences, understanding our inner motives and conflicts and reflecting on how we respond to different situations or challenges.

Counselling can be helpful in exploring issues of self identity, acceptance, self esteem, negative emotions such as guilt, hurt or shame, personal loss or problems with adjustment. The therapeutic relationship is predicated on the basis that the client is open to experience, is trusting and trustworthy, can exercise genuine curiosity about the world, is creative and is willing to experience compassion for themselves and others.


How the Counselling Process Works

The counselling process works by supporting self-insight and acceptance. The underpinning idea is that we can make sense of problems through self-exploration and personal insight into earlier life experiences, or through critical events that have recently triggered significant distress or unwanted feelings and behaviours. The Counselling process is by it's very nature less structured and goal oriented than CBT. The approach is primarily focused on exploration and self-insight without the rigour of problem solving and the identification of specific change objectives.

As the Think CBT counselling approach is embraced within the wider CBT framework, clients are encouraged to express their insights in terms of beliefs, behaviours and emotional states. This hybrid approach to person centred counselling and CBT, provides the benefits of self-oriented insight with a practical framework for understanding and expressing the root causes of the problem.


The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Counselling

Rather than working to a completely different model, Cognitive Behavioural counselling occupies a different point on the same therapeutic continuum as CBT. This means that our counselling approach draws on different techniques and approaches that are unified under a single theoretical framework.

There are three benefits to this approach. Firstly it helps the client to freely explore and understand the causes of distress, before focusing on solutions and problem solving. Secondly it provides a straight forward and simple framework for organising and expressing ideas and experiences. Thirdly, by using the CBT model as a frame of reference, it provides continuity and a bridging approach for clients who subsequently decide to embark upon specific cognitive and behavioural changes through CBT.


How Do I know If Cognitive Behavioural Counselling Is Right For Me?

With so many different models of counselling and psychotherapy, we understand that navigating the different options and choosing the right therapy can be a minefield. We will therefore discuss your requirements and ensure that you receive a service that is tailored to your personal needs. You can rely on our experts to offer professional and objective advice in choosing either counselling or a more structured approach to CBT.  In helping you reach the right decision, we will talk about your needs, your background, what you want from the process and how you prefer to work.

You can find out more about our counselling services, or book an initial free telephone consultation by completing the simple contact form on this page.



Think CBT is committed to providing access to affordable independent Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Our aim is to support tangible improvements in the psychological health and well being of our clients, contributing to better lives worth changing for.

There are many psychotherapists and counsellors offering cognitive behavioural therapy. Always ensure that your therapist is professionally accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP).

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