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01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

01732 808 626 info@thinkcbt.com

Specific Phobia Of Vomiting Inventory (SPOVI)
You can respond anonymously, and no data will be retained from this assessment. If you choose to include your initials and an email address, your results will be automatically sent to the email address provided. Please check that the email address has been entered correctly before submitting this form. All client information is managed on a strictly confidential basis. Please Note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our system is securely encrypted, email is not a completely secure means of communication. Think CBT does not accept liability for loss or theft of personal data where any individual chooses to transmit or receive information via email.
Time Remaining
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Please tick the box that best describes how your fear of vomiting has affected you OVER THE PAST WEEK, INCLUDING TODAY

1) I have been worrying about myself or others vomiting.

2) I have been avoiding adults or children because of my fear of vomiting.

3) I have been avoiding situations or activities because of my fear of vomiting.

4) I have been trying to find reasons to explain why I feel nauseous.

5) I have been avoiding objects that other people have touched because of my fear of vomiting.

6) I have been focussed on whether I feel ill and could vomit rather than on my surroundings.

7) I have been looking at others to see if they may be ill and vomiting.

8) If I think I am going to vomit, I do something to try to stop myself from vomiting.

9) I have been trying to avoid or control any thoughts or images about vomiting.

10) I have been restricting the amount or type of food I eat or alcohol I drink because of my fear of vomiting.

11) I have been feeling nauseous.

12) I have been thinking about how to stop myself or others from vomiting.

13) I have been seeking reassurance that I or others will not be ill and vomit.

14) I have escaped from situations because I am afraid I or others may vomit.