The Think CBT Worry Bank
This simple exercise will help you to identify, problem solve or let go of worries that cause distress and interfere with the achievement of your goals, responsibilities and interests.
Time Remaining
Send my assessment results by email:

Guidance for completing this exercise

Please detail a personal worry  which is currently causing  distress.  Use the check boxes to indicate the intensity of the worry.

Next, follow the simple problem solving steps to see if the worry can be practically resolved.  

Finally, if you are unable to resolve the worry or if it’s too general to act upon, you can deposit the worry in the Think CBT Worry Bank and let go of the emotional distress.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will receive an email to confirm your problems solving steps or that your worry has been deposited in the Think CBT Worry Bank.

Please describe your worry here:
Please rate the intensity of this worry.

Can you take specific action to help resolve this worry?

If you can take specific action to help resolve this worry, then detail the tasks or steps that you will take here:
When will you undertake these tasks or steps?
Please re-rate the intensity of this worry.

If you have been unable to resolve this worry, Do you now wish to let go of the issue and deposit the worry with the Think CBT worry bank?

I acknowledge that holding on to worry when I can’t change the outcome just makes the problem feel worse and increases my personal distress. 

I can now let go of this worry and deposit it with the Think CBT Worry Bank.