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This questionnaire is not designed to provide a definitive psychological diagnosis or to take the place of a professional consultation. Please answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible.


Please read each statement and select a number 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 that best describes how much that experience has distressed or bothered you during the past month. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on any one statement. This assessment is not intended to be a diagnosis. If you are concerned about your results in any way, please speak with a health professional

1. Unpleasant thoughts come into my mind against my will and I cannot get rid of them
2. I think contact with bodily secretions (sweat, saliva, blood, urine, etc.) may contaminate my clothes or somehow harm me
3.I ask people to repeat things to me several times, even though I understood them the first time
4. I wash and clean obsessively
5. I have to review mentally past events, conversations and actions to make sure that I didn’t do something wrong
6. I have saved up so many things that they get in the way
7. I check things more often than necessary
8. I avoid using public toilets because I am afraid of disease or contamination
9. I repeatedly check doors, windows, drawers etc .
10. I repeatedly check gas / water taps / light switches after turning them off
11. I collect things I don’t need
12. I have thoughts of having hurt someone without knowing it
13. I have thoughts that I might want to harm myself or others
14. I get upset if objects are not arranged properly
15. I feel obliged to follow a particular order in dressing, undressing and washing myself
16. I feel compelled to count while I’m doing things
17. I am afraid of impulsively doing embarrassing or harmful things
18. I need to pray to cancel bad thoughts or feelings
19. I keep on checking forms or other things I have written
20. I get upset at the sight of knives, scissors or other sharp objects in case I lose control with them
21. I am obsessively concerned about cleanliness
22. I find it difficult to touch an object when I know it has been touched by strangers or certain people
23. I need things to be arranged in a particular order
24. I get behind in my work because I repeat things over and over again
25. I feel I have to repeat certain numbers
26. After doing something carefully, I still have the impression I haven’t finished it
27. I find it difficult to touch rubbish or dirty things
28. I find it difficult to control my thoughts
29. I have to do things over and over again until it feels right
30. I am upset by unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind against my will
31. Before going to sleep I have to do certain things in a certain way
32. I go back to places to make sure that I have not harmed anyone
33.I frequently get nasty thoughts and have difficulty getting rid of them
34. I avoid throwing things away because I am afraid I might need them later
35. I get upset if others have changed the way I have arranged my things
36. I feel that I must repeat certain words or phrases in my mind in order to wipe out bad thoughts, feelings or actions
37. After I have done things, I have persistent doubts about whether I really did them
38. I sometimes have to wash or clean myself simply because I feel contaminated
39. I feel that there are good and bad numbers
40. I repeatedly check anything that might cause a fire
41. Even when I do something very carefully I feel that it is not quite right
42. I wash my hands more often, or for longer than necessary