Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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Please tick the box that best describes how your fear of vomiting has affected you OVER THE PAST WEEK, INCLUDING TODAY

1) I have been worrying about myself or others vomiting.

2) I have been avoiding adults or children because of my fear of vomiting.

3) I have been avoiding situations or activities because of my fear of vomiting.

4) I have been trying to find reasons to explain why I feel nauseous.

5) I have been avoiding objects that other people have touched because of my fear of vomiting.

6) I have been focussed on whether I feel ill and could vomit rather than on my surroundings.

7) I have been looking at others to see if they may be ill and vomiting.

8) If I think I am going to vomit, I do something to try to stop myself from vomiting.

9) I have been trying to avoid or control any thoughts or images about vomiting.

10) I have been restricting the amount or type of food I eat or alcohol I drink because of my fear of vomiting.

11) I have been feeling nauseous.

12) I have been thinking about how to stop myself or others from vomiting.

13) I have been seeking reassurance that I or others will not be ill and vomit.

14) I have escaped from situations because I am afraid I or others may vomit.