Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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The CAMM is a 25-item measure of mindfulness. It assesses the degree to which children and adolescents observe internal experiences, act with awareness, and accept internal experiences without judging them.

(Note: For children under the age of 11, we recommend that this assessment is completed and that the results are interpreted with the assistance of an adult.)
Instructions: We want to know more about what you think, how you feel, and what you do.

Read each sentence and check the statement that tells how often each sentence is true for you.

1. I notice small changes in my body, like when my breathing slows down or speeds up.

2. I get upset with myself for having feelings that don’t make sense.

3. I pay attention to my muscles and notice when they feel tight or relaxed.

4. At school, I walk from class to class without noticing what I’m doing.

5. I do things without thinking about what I’m doing.

6. I pay close attention to my thoughts.

7. I try only to think about things that make me feel happy.

8. I keep myself busy so I don’t notice my thoughts or feelings.

9. When I’m doing something, I focus only on what I’m doing and nothing else.

10. I tell myself that I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling.

11. When something good happens, I can’t stop thinking about it.

12. When I take a shower or bath, I notice how the water feels on my body.

13. I notice my thoughts as they come and go.

14. When I’m eating, I notice the way it feels to chew my food.

15. I push away thoughts that I don’t like.

16. It’s hard for me to pay attention to only one thing at a time.

17. I think about things that have happened in the past instead of thinking about things that are happening right now.

18. I get upset with myself for having certain thoughts.

19. I do many things at once.

20. I think about the future.

21. I think that some of my feelings are bad and that I shouldn’t have them.

22. I notice when my feelings begin to change.

23. I pay close attention to whatever is happening right now.

24. I notice how things around me smell.

25. I stop myself from having feelings that I don’t like.