Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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This assessment is designed to help identify problems with complicated grief.  Complicated grief is normally considered following a six month bereavement period and may be linked to other  clinical problems including depression, anxiety and psychological trauma.

Please select the boxes that best describe how you feel, using the below as a guide:

Never - less than once monthly, Rarely - more than once monthly but less than once weekly, Sometimes - more than weekly but less than daily, Often - daily, Always - more than once daily.

I think about this person so much that it’s hard for me to do the things I normally do.

2. Memories of the person who died upset me.

3. I cannot accept the death of the person who died.

4. I feel myself longing for the person who died.

5. I feel drawn to places and things associated with the person who died.

6. I can’t help feeling angry about his/her death.

7. I feel disbelief over what happened.

8. I feel stunned or dazed over what happened.

9. Ever since s/he died it is hard for me to trust people.

10. Ever since s/he died I feel like I have lost the ability to care about other people or I feel distant from people I care about.

11. I have pain in the same area of my body or I have some of the same symptoms as the person who died.

12. I go out of my way to avoid reminders of the person who died.

13. I feel that life is empty without the person who died.

14. I hear the voice of the person who died speak to me.

15. I see the person who died stand before me.

16. I feel that it is unfair that I should live when this person died.

17. I feel bitter over this person’s death.

18. I feel envious of others who have not lost someone close.

19. I feel lonely a great deal of the time ever since s/he died.