Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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Use this exercise to assess the limitations of avoiding fearful or anxiety provoking thoughts and activities.  Your responses can be used to support your personal development, or as part of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) process under the guidance of a trained therapist. An encrypted copy of your responses will be automatically forwarded to the email address provided. 

1. Identify a fear that limits your ability to pursue your goals or live in accordance with your personal values.
2. How would you act differently and what effect would it have on your life, if you were to gradually overcome this fear and focus on what matters?
3. Describe your thoughts and feelings when faced with this fear.
4. What small steps could you take to overcome this fear, whilst making room for some discomfort or anxiety.
5. Make an ascending list of six small things that you could do to meaningfully face up to this fear from easiest to hardest.
6. Once you have achieved these six small steps, what will this mean about your ability to manage this fear in future?