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Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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Completing the Occupational Stress, Anxiety & Depression Inventory (OSADI)

Please answer each of the following questions about time spent at work over the last two weeks.  Read each question carefully and choose the option that most closely represents how you felt in your job, working relationships and  the content of your work:

Occupational Stress, Anxiety & Depression Inventory (OSADI)

Stress Indicators
1. I found it difficult to wind down after work.

2. I tended to over-react to situations.

3. I used up a lot of nervous energy preparing or thinking about work.

4. I got easily agitated with other people.

5. I felt physically exhausted without good reason.

6. I was easily upset or offended by others.

7. I was irritable when distracted from the task at hand

8. I quickly lost my temper or shouted

Anxiety Indicators
9. I had a dry mouth with cold or clammy hands

10. I noticed tiredness, weakness or trembling sensations

11. I felt that something awful would happen

12. I felt generally anxious without any good reason

13. I worried that I might panic and make a fool of myself

14. I experienced rapid or laboured breathing

15. I notice heart palpitations without physical exercise

16. I worried about being nervous, anxious or on edge at work.

Depression Indicators
17. I felt low, helpless or numb about work.

18. I gained little interest or pleasure from undertaking work tasks.

19. I felt like I had nothing to look forward to in my job.

20. I felt like a failure or that I had let myself or others down.

21. I was unable to be enthusiastic about anything at work.

22. I felt I was generally not good enough.

23. I felt that everything was meaningless.

24. I thought about ending my life or harming myself