Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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1. Trigger / Intrusion: What was the situation, intrusive thought, image or initial feeling that triggered the OCD?
2. Initial Reaction: What feelings and reactions did you notice?
3. Intensity of Reaction: How strong was the initial reaction?

4. Obsession: Describe the rumination, worry or self-doubt that followed the trigger or intrusion.
5. Obsessional Patterns: Which of the following thinking errors are maintaining the problem?

6. Compulsion: Describe the unhelpful behaviours, habits or routines used to stop or control the obsessional thought and anxiety.
7. Effectiveness of Compulsion: How effective is the checking / reassurance seeking behaviour?

8. Alternative Response: What helpful, workable and sustainable action can you take in response to the OCD? E.g. Mindfulness, Rationalising, Acceptance / Willingness, Defusion, Competing Response, Slow Motion Focus, Committed Action.
9. Acceptance: What uncomfortable thoughts and feelings will you tolerate to support this alternative response?
10. Values and Goals: How will this move you closer to your values and goals?