Think CBT - Feedback Questionnaire
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Thank you for attending our recent training event. Please take a few moments to complete this feedback questionnaire. Your ratings and any comments provided will be used to improve the quality of our work.

Please rate each of the statements using the following rating scale:

1. The training was relevant and informative.

2. The training materials were clear and easy to understand.

3. The pace and structure of the course were appropriately pitched.

4. The trainers were knowledgeable and skilled.

5. The trainers were approachable and helpful.

6. I learnt something new from this course.

7. What I learnt will benefit me personally.

8. What I learnt will help me to be more effective at work.

9. The benefits of the course were greater than the costs of attending.

10. I would recommend this training to other friends or colleagues.

Please provide any specific comments or suggestions here: