Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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Use this exercise to identify and respond to some of the most common self-criticisms or doubts that cause distress and limit your potential.  Your responses can be used to support your personal development, or as part of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) process under the guidance of a trained therapist. An encrypted copy of your responses will be automatically forwarded to the email address provided. 

1. Identify the most common “not good enough” criticisms that your mind continuously returns to?
2. Which of these criticisms makes you feel most upset or unhappy?
3. How do you feel emotionally and physically when your mind uses these criticisms about you?
4. How does your behaviour change when your mind uses these criticisms about you?
5. How could you open up to these criticisms in a way that would make them less relevant and easier to let go of?
6. What can you focus on right now to add value in your life whilst first noticing and then letting go of these criticisms?
7. How will you feel on balance if you do this right now?