Penn State Worry Questionnaire
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This questionnaire is not designed to provide a definitive psychological diagnosis or to take the place of a professional consultation. Please answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible.


For each statement below, please check the box that best answers each question to show how much each
thing has happened to you in the past SEVEN (7) DAYS.

1. I find myself staring into space and thinking of nothing.

2. People, objects, or the world around me seem strange or unreal.

3. I find that I did things that I do not remember doing.

4. When I am alone, I talk out loud to myself.

5. I feel as though I were looking at the world through a fog so that people and things seem far away or unclear.

6. I am able to ignore pain.

7. I act so differently from one situation to another that it is almost as if I were two different people.

8. I can do things very easily that would usually be hard for me.